web-design-seavapesWhat Value is in a Good Web Design?

Web design is more easily available and cheaper today than ever before; however, many times, people think they’re getting a good deal when in reality, it turns into a nightmare. Boilerplate sites all look the same – which doesn’t help build a brand and can be expensive with monthly costs to the companies with the drop & drag cookie cutter offerings. In short, they‘re just a bad idea all the way around because your options are limited at best – and they can get very expensive!

“48% of people cited a website’s design as the number one factor in deciding the credibility of a business.” (source: IronPaper)

Custom web design is not as expensive as you think and it can provide you with a customized website to meet your needs. Whether it’s eCommerce or a billboard website, we pride ourselves on giving you a complete package to meet your needs — encompassing all the specialties you want in your website, while not breaking your piggy bank.

web-design-wiccountyWhat’s in a good Web Design?

In today’s mobile world, many of your clients and customers are accessing your website from their phones and tablets as opposed to the standard Desktop of yesteryear. In doing so, your website has to be responsive because now, even Google Analytics measures where you rank by how easy it is for people to view your site on mobile devices. Therefore, if your website looks unsightly on smaller platforms, the less likely your customers will be engaged for long!

“62% of companies that designed a website specifically for mobile had increased sales.” (Source: Econsultancy)

Let’s face it, these days, Responsively is KING!

Another thing other add-water-mix website forums don’t let you touch is the wonderful SEO – Search Engine Optimization — which affects your ranking on major search engines. Nothing is worse then being alone in the big field with no one visiting your site! Our professionals know how to marry the backend with the front end to make your website findable as well as aesthetically engaging!

web-design-just-imagineWeb Design plays by the same rules as Print

“Colors increased web recognition by 80%…” (source: IronPaper)

The following has a big impact on your website’s ability to engage:

  • Color
  • Typography
  • Shape
  • Repetition

They all play a part in making a web design a smashing success or an abysmal failure. By having a professional trained in design creating your website, you save the tuition for Art School!

web-design-evanesceProfessional Web Design Saves Your Business Money in the End

They say time is money — and getting a web design professional involved in the beginning can not only save you time and money – but also headaches because there’s no calls to tech support. We do all that ‘on hold time’ for you!

Let us create a stunningly engaging website that’s up on the latest trends along with integrating your Digital Marketing through site integration while preserving your business’s brand integrity!