Why is Digital Marketing So Important?

Marketing is always key when getting your business out there but now, we have the wonderful world of Digital Marketing through Social Media to help us – some of which are available at a relatively lower cost than traditional advertising — television and print. In fact, many tools are available for free and can be exploited to have a great cost benefit when you do decide to take the plunge and buy an sponsored tweet or post.

By having Digital Marketing as part of your business model, you can utilize items like Search Engine Optimization to boost traffic and gain more clients or customers than you ever thought imaginable. This greatly aids in getting your business name out into the public and frees you from geographical difference.

Furthermore, digital marketing is even a measurable return that most businesses can boost their presence by tweaking just a couple things to make their business have a greater internet presence. As reported in Forbes about chances in Digital Marketing for 2018. There’s a lot more under the digital hood than most would ever want to know! Professionals can like us, can assist you in writing your web content to pull that SEO and bring new visitors into your website and engage them to the buying end of the funnel.

With the proper use of SEO and other tools, your business can thrive, making every dime spent on this a brilliant use of your money.

What is Digital Marketing and why do I need it?

We used to think of forums like My Space and Facebook as just ways to connect with long-lost friends. However, in the last seven years, the platform has grown into a way of marketing businesses on the digital highway. As you scan your timeline, you see all kinds of sponsored ads – most of which have catchy videos/commercials to capture your attention and entice you into buying the latest, greatest x-y-z. Savvy Marketers are understand this new language and put it to use for their clients — getting them boosts in traffic to Business Facebook personas and websites.


When Websites Aren’t Enough – The Digital Marketing Factor

Unlike 1998, in today’s web universe, a mere website is not enough. It’s all in the way you develop your digital marketing plans that makes your business rank higher on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. It’s a way for you to be found and entices customers to come to you as the expert. When you rank on the third page, chances are, no one will find you because it’s been shown, most internet explorers will only go to about page two before they settle on a website to visit. So, if you’re ranking low, you’re not being seen by about eighty percent of your perspective clients!

What does my Business get from having FS WEB/GRAFX do the Digital Marketing?

This requires time to really look at your business, develop a customer/client profile and then go through several steps to ascertain what your focus is and how you want to go about reaching out for new customers.

You can spend a ton of time, pouring over stats and analytics to get your Digital Marketing up on par with your competitors, by why would you want to do that instead of doing what you do best? Your business.

Through our experience, we can help you develop those campaigns and get the right keywords to help you grow your internet presence even more than before. We use a careful plan to get that marketing strategy working for you so you can grow your business instead of having to worry about the nuts and bolts of the Digital Marketing world!