Motion Graphics aren’t just a Fad!

motion-graphics-hbo-commercialMotion Graphics can be an area that causes many small business owners to make a thousand excuses not to even venture. Sure, it may seem expensive but it’s hardly expensive if you work with a boutique agency whom values your bottom line and the rate of investment for your advertising dollars.

Depending on local stations to write your script can be costly if your commercial ends up looking disconnected from your audience. It can also strap you into a lengthy contract.

Taking selfies is great for personal use but…having professional images are key to gaining attention and getting your powerful message across to your audience.

Some businesses can get away brilliantly with selfies for their business model; however, most professional companies require at one point or another, professional images for their various marketing tools.

Why is Motion Graphics all that important?

Some would say this is fairly obvious, but for many it’s often a marketing tool they think they can’t afford. Not everyone has the budget of HBO, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be a multi-million dollar proposition to have a well-scripted commercial written for you. And, with a skilled scriptwriter, you can be rest assured the production cost will not hit the latest Sci-Fi budget either.

While at Pittard Sullivan, Granger had the opportunity to work on high-profile, internationally known commercials for HBO, Sky and CTV. Since that time, she has written scripts for commercials, airing on both television and radio.

To see the reel please inquire using the contact form and arrangements will be made to view her reel online.


Photography can put your Face in other people’s minds

Nobody loves the way they look in photographs, but well-done portraits, with a tad of airbrushing can make you look your best. In many cases, a professional portrait is required for print media, so it’s always good to have your own press shot instead of relying on the media scrounging your Facebook profile for a picture to print!

A well-lit image where it’s obviously done by a photographer shows your customers and clients, you take your business seriously enough to go the extra mile to get a great image of yourself for any occasion where one is required.

Also, as seen in Forbes, your headshot should match that Branding you worked so hard to create!

Video marries Photography in Real Estate

With the economy getting better, more realtors are finding their listings and sales going through the roof. People always buy tangibles like property when economies boom, so now is a great time to show your buyers, you have a ton more to offer than the next guy! Whether it’s a single property website for that major $1M+ listing or a nice video of pictures to add to your social media pages, the best way to achieve expert motion graphics is to hire a motion graphic designer!

Specializing in Real Estate photography, we can also help realtors with their photography needs using high-end camera equipment to photograph their properties inside and out. With an in depth knowledge of the realtor’s needs in this area, we can make your properties stand out – including video creation which can be posted to YouTube and other social media mediums.

Why should I get FS WEB/GRAFX to do my Motion Graphics?

Your motion graphics and photography needs are our stock and trade. In short, not only are we professional, we’re here to make you look good! By you looking your best, we look our best, too. So it’s really a win- win proposition for an affordable cost point.