print-design-ceccaHow many times have you asked for a Coke?

We see branding everyday and never think for a moment about them. Brands incorporate more than just the company’s logo – but the experience a consumer has with that company is what makes a brand stand out. Also, brands can become pop culture or even the description of a product instead of it’s forensic name.

For example, a friend of mine went to London to attend design school. She got a cut on her finger and went to the area pharmacy to get a band-aid. She went to several stores where each said they had no idea what she was talking about, but then one pharmacist thought to ask her to describe this band-aid. When she did, he laughed and said “In England, they’re called plasters…” If you look at a box of Band-Aids, you’ll see in small print, their official name is ‘plasters.’

Facial tissues are often referred to as Kleenex (a brand) and of course, you understand the whole Coke-a-Cola thing…

branding-evanesceBranding: The Important Ingredient to any Business

Establishing a brand like the ones mentioned above is hard to do if you’re on your own without any semblance of a marketing background, but with the right professionals working for your team, you can develop that name recognition that will return in cash sales! It can mean the difference of finding customers quickly or having to wait years and years to build success. Branding doesn’t have to be difficult, but it is time consuming. Hence, why many people look to professionals to help them.

Where Do I start to develop my Branding?

It’s not difficult to start when you hire the right people. Branding can actually be a ton of fun because you get to work with creative people (who are always fun) to develop the right logo that meets your needs but also shows your individual flare. This makes you stand out from your competitors and, in some cases, gives you instant eye-recognition!

Logo Design is a Compliment to Branding

branding-bytes-consultingUsing your logo as the first welcome into your cyber business is the best way to make you look and feel different than the rest. Here’s where the creative people come in and give you oodles of options and sometimes, it can appear very confusing! You like this one but the other one has this or that you like more.

Most creative people are also skilled in the language of branding, so don’t worry, they can walk you through the process. In fact, if you’re working with someone you can really talk to, your branding can open up a whole new vista for your business, you never thought possible. As you work with us, you’ll see how your branding subtly intertwines with how you view your business and what you have to offer the consumers your competitors don’t have in their business. This can be very valuable because you instantly give them a reason to come to your business first!

Why Should I Use FS WEB/GRAFX for my Branding?

One of the biggest benefits working with a boutique agency, we offer a variety of options for branding your business so you can begin building your reputation. Being personable but creative and sometimes a tad whacky, we can think outside the box to make your branding stand out!