How many times have you asked for a Coke?

We see brands everyday and never think for a moment about them. Brands incorporate more than just the company’s logo – but the experience a consumer has with that company is what makes a brand stand out. Also, brands can become pop culture or even the description of a product instead of it’s forensic name.

For example, a friend of mine went to London to attend design school. She got a cut on her finger and went to the area pharmacy to get a band-aid. She went to several stores where each said they had no idea what she was talking about, but then one pharmacist thought to ask her to describe this band-aid. When she did, he laughed and said “In England, they’re called plasters…” If you look at a box of Band-Aids, you’ll see in small print, their official name is ‘plasters.’

Facial tissues are often referred to as Kleenex (a brand) and of course, you understand the whole Coke-a-Cola thing…

Establishing a brand like the ones mentioned above is hard to do, but with the right professionals working for your team, you can develop that name recognition that will return in cash sales!