Gaining customer/user engagement is not an easy thing in our digital world. Sometimes, there’s so much going on around us, with social media and everyday life, we often miss the true essence of how to stand out in the crowd. The same goes for your products, services and blogs. Even if you think you have the next industry magic, now you have to convince the world, your confidence is well placed.

Imagine the world of PC and Mac and you’ll understand this whole UX thing.

A little history…

User Experience began at Apple with Don Norman, using human psychology coupled with Steve Jobs’ passion for Zen experiences. Enter the world of iPhones and iPads! Not just for phone calls and text messages anymore, they are practically our ‘other’ computers. Now, we are so addicted to the Smartphone and tablet technology, we can’t conceive of our lives without it.

Heinz Ketchup had to rethink their bottle design. Learning usability is key to making your product, site or app more accessible to the people you want as customers.

Even big companies have had their trial and error moments, so you’re not along…Making things easy to use for your customers, clients and users is a paramount thing. It’s not always easy to gauge what will catch on and what will fall short. Appealing to a mass is hard but not unachievable. You can build a client base while making your products ‘must haves’ in their world.

Practicing User Experience in the beginning building stages, your digital footprint can become a go-to place for customers. This is also building a brand because it sets you a part of from your competitors.

By utilizing methods like usability testing, conducting interviews, surveys and other means, we find out your target market and make personas. This way, we can design specifically for their preferences, making your website a pleasurable experience rather than a frustrating one.

It’s more than just putting content and images together. There’s a bunch of human science under the hood that makes all the moving parts work, seamlessly.

There’s a lot that goes into figuring out how to make your website and/or app user-friendly. It takes analytical thinking based on usability testing data results.

Since 2005, we have incorporated UX Principles in every website and app we built, using solid research of your users to back up our choices. By doing this, we make solid decisions that pay off in numbers — visitors to your site, buying your products or frequenting your store – online and brick & mortar.

Contact us for more information about boosting your User’s experience of your digital universe. We’re always here to help you find the best engagement possible, using the latest tools to make it all happen!