Print Design never goes out of vogue…


People still exchange business cards and some even use mailing labels… so it’s a safe bet, print design is still the rage in spite of our digital world!

Graphic Design is an art and even with all the free tools, it’s difficult for those tools to compete with professionals who specialize in Print Design. This comes with a formal education in Typography and Color, which is often ignored but does make a powerful impact on your customers and clients. Like with Branding, Print Design sets the tone for your business and demonstrates your contemporary, up-to-date approach to your business model.

In short, Print Design is far from being dead as indicated by Digital Arts. Unlike the digital world, people use printed materials in a much different way. The article uses magazines as a perfect example. When a reader sees one article, he moves on through the rest of the magazine to find other articles of interest. Therefore, print is not on it’s way out – just because the RGB world seems to dominate.

Now, more than ever, we’re told on places like LinkedIn, networking is key. What a better way to make sure your new acquaintances have your number and business name than the trusty old business card! And what a better way to keep that contact hot than a Christmas/Holiday card to tell them you remember them!

Chances are, if your business sends out custom Holiday Cards, your business will be remembered – and with that remembrance, comes referrals to your business.

xmas-invite-print-designWhy should I get a Professional to do my Print Design?

Whether it’s Holiday Cards or Business Cards, flyers, brochures or anything printed, there is always an affordable way to achieve your uniqueness without crushing your wallet.

The best way to get a seamless branding is to also have it cross platform – regardless of the medium.

Contact FS WEB/GRAFX to see how everything you release in a print format can best help enhance your brand while keeping it’s integrity.