We live in a world of brands, yet we don’t realize it until we start a business. Then, brands become very important.

The FS stands for Flying Solo – a design creative that was started by Jacquie Granger in Richmond, Virginia back in September 2001 after relocating back to the East Coast from Los Angeles.

In California, Granger worked for the famed Pittard Sullivan where she learned a lot about design and marketing through trial by fire. At PS, she was heavily involved in the aesthetics and marketing efforts for such companies as Music Country, Activision, Viacom (MTV & VH1), HBO, Sky, CTV, Universal, DirecTV, Discovery and TiVo.

Working in print graphics at first, Granger started creating more websites because our World transformed into the digital throughout the last three decades. Over the last five years, she added Public Relations, Photography/Video, Social Media and eCommerce Marketing to the FS toolbox. By adding these assets, it offers further options for clients to reach to a wide range of potential customers and clients!

Whether starting a new company or re-branding an existing one, fs web/graFX is ready to assist you in realizing your vision!

Branding is more than just a logo — it’s the consumer relationship they enjoy with your company… — Jacquie Granger (2000)

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