Social Media: Is it just as effective as print/broadcast advertising?

It is certainly cheaper to have a free Twitter and Facebook account but for it to be effective, it has to be continuous. From the looks of many businesses on these forums, it is easy to see they are highly under-utilizing their biggest (and free) resource at their disposal!

Many businesses are under the misperception that merely being on the social media forums is enough to drive traffic or get their name out to their target audience when nothing could be further from the truth. Continual engagement is key to keeping your name out there in the public eye. If there’s no continual blasts of information of products and/or services, just having the name there doesn’t attract more customers to your company.

Often times, you can find companies with little to no engagement out there on Facebook. They generally have little action, if any, and therefore, do not show up on anyone’s timeline. Even with paid promotion, if there’s no meat there, people won’t linger or get engaged. The end result, it’s that tree in the forest scenario that is merely an act of futility.

Any news is social media news…

Whether it’s a big case you just won or new twists in your legal profession you wish to address – it all makes for good posts on your social media. Yet, many professionals – even lawyers – fail to utilize this wonderful resource that can boost not only their clientele but the quality of clients. Because wealthy clients go to social media (and word of the digital mouth) to find their legal eagles.

Constant engagement can be achieved in many ways. Whether it’s posts to your website or paid advertising, it still should show a wholehearted effort on the part of the company to make their presence known to their community. Merely having your empty, non-interesting profile on Facebook is meaningless. The same goes for Twitter.

One way to utilize social media to the fullest is hiring a professional copywriter to generate articles about your business or interest of said business on a weekly or monthly basis. Sure, it costs money but it’s still a lot cheaper than advertising when print is roughly $300 per advert — which reaches a ever-diminishing audience as people go towards social media for their news. Additionally, broadcast can be good for some but for people like attorneys, commercials can make them look like glorified ambulance chasers.

A better tact is to go with continual engagement through your “blog” posts and getting them circulated throughout the social media world. LinkedIn is a feature that’s tied in with these social blast plugins that can add to your authenticity as well as bolster your presence for professionals. Best use of the LinkedIn forum is for attorneys, stockbrokers, realtors – because it is a professional networking apparatus rather than friends and family, gathering to swap baby pictures.

You can’t go wrong with social media engagement because of it’s ease and cost effectiveness. Therefore, there’s really no excuse not to fully explore the benefits of such advertising – and it has become one of the leading ways to attract new clients and business. For both professional and small business, who could ask for more?