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When Inexpensive Doesn’t Turn Out That Way

Many times, I have friends who come to me after buying templates and can’t get them to work out or they are faced with a big bill per month when sites promise free do-it-yourself web design.

Yes, designing a site on your own can be easy when you’re looking at drop and drag but people soon learn there’s a lot more to drop and dragging. They often find a $35.00+ price to host per month involved, leaving people in sticker shock. It is amazing that people advertise this because it’s bait and switch. The person goes through designing a whole site only to find out they can’t publish it when they’re done.

How disappointing indeed…

When you work with a web designer to cultivate your site, it can be a daunting task. There’s many things no one ever takes into account when designing a website. However, once done, it can be a truly rewarding experience because you have something amazing to show your clients/customers.

Having a little patience and being willing to write copy or work on interface design with your designer can be so exciting but also time consuming and expensive. Therefore, it’s always good measure to have an idea of what pages you’ll need before going in and then the cost can be substantially lower than “free” or low-dollar sites. Plus, in the end, you’ll end up with a custom site that is all your own.

Check with us on pricing for a new site or a revamping of your old site.